Art Center Hours

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The 5th Annual New Beginnings Art Show

A show of the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community's newest artists.

Sponsored in part by David Freemore, WACAC director and artist

Featuring artists, musicians, and writers that have joined the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community between May 15, 2018 and May 13, 2019. 

People's Choice Winners:

Pam Daiker - The Mountains Spring

Rebekah Lunn - Roots

Natalie McGuire - Golden Gate Bride

Cheryl Schmidt - Railraod Ties Waterfall

Three and a half years ago, with the establishment of the art center, the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community has brought new exhibits of artist's work to the area almost every month.  This past year, the organization interviewed artists from throughout the region and have now booked the main gallery with new exhibits into 2021.  Today, the organization has 180 members not just from this area, but throughout the Twin Cities, from as far away as Mankato and Duluth.  

It should be mentioned that this organization has no paid staff, everything they do is through donations, grants, and countless volunteer hours.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community encourages personal growth and discovery, providing mentorship for artists through presentations, performances, displays, classes and exhibitions.